Below please find pieces of media information regarding the implementation of the project. They appear in a chronological order of publication.

4. – 23.01.2024

The following link:

leads to a website administered by the Municipal Authorities of City of Toruń, where one can find a more detailed information announcing the start of the public consultations of the draft of The UNESCO World Heritage Site Management Plan for the Medieval Town of Toruń. These consultations are scheduled to start on 31st of January, 2024. They will be held in the historical building of the Municipal Town Hall at the Rynek Staromiejski 1 in Toruń (1 Old Town Market). All stakeholders are welcome! 

3. –  06.06.2023

2. –  06.06.2023

1. –  05.06.2023


With the press conference of June the 2nd, organized by the Toruń authorities, we started 2nd Stage of the contract implementation, comprising a social research, the first part of which will be surveys addressed to various groups of respondents / stakeholders.

The obtained feedback will be used to prepare meetings with the stakeholders of the project.