Social Research

Pursuant to § 2 of the concluded agreement, as part of Stage Two of the project, the team of experts will prepare and conduct meetings with the stakeholders of the World Heritage site, for which it has 3 months. In Stage Four it is planned to prepare and conduct social consultations of the Management Plan, which are to last no longer than 3 months.

Through the hyperlinks activated here, you will be able to access the survey questionnaires to be completed online.

Survey for the representatives of local authorities in Toruń

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3A2 - Please feel kindly invited to filling up the questionnaire which is open from 5.06 to 31.08.2023.

Survey Questionnaire for Non-Residents to Toruń (Tourists and People on Business)


3A3 - A survey questionnaire for German-speaking visitors to Toruń // Ein Fragebogen für deutschsprachige Toruń-Besucher